organize a sheldon wake ride

let others know if you're having a sheldon wake ride in your area, or leave a message expressing intent so that others in your area can organize with you.

& let's all think about organizing a ride for him on his birthday, Bastille Day (July 14), or perhaps April 1st.


Anonymous said...

Vancouver BC Sheldon Brown Memorial Ride

Friday Feb. 8th @ 5:30pm
Meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery (on the Lions' side, Georgia and Howe)

Clean up your bikes & wear a black armband & ride with us...

Anonymous said...

Not really a wake, but in Melbourne (Aus), the MS Summer Cycle is on Feb 24. This ride is to help raise $200,000 towards Multiple Sclerosis research.

If you would like to donate or ride, Team Captain Bike has been created to help in one small way, to honour Sheldons memory.

PS: If anyone can help find little eagle figurines for team helmets I'd like to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

The David Hasselhoff 5 cycling organization is having a Sheldon Brown Memorial ride Wednesday Feb 6 @ 10:30 pm in Cape Girardeau, MO. If you happen to be in the area and are interested, drop me a line.

anonymous said...

Austin, TX Sheldon Brown Memorial Ride

Sunday Feb. 10th @ 4:00pm

Meet on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge

Mythicalbyrd said...

I saw someone is trying to organize a memorial ride through craiglist in New York City as of 2-6-08:

Anonymous said...

Flagpole Toppers aka "panache"

whareagle said...

Anyone who wants to go for a Sheldon ride on Saturday the 9th in Dallas, e-mail me directly. whareagle at

Sheldon - thanks for everything - you remain an everlasting gift to the sport and the world.

Anonymous said...


Memorial photo posted:

Anonymous said...

Hollie and MetalCowboy in Portland, OR are getting together an Annual Sheldon Brown Memorial ride for April 1 starting this year. Check out the plans and add suggestions on BikePortland . Hoping others will consider annual rides on April 1.


ifny said...

Salt Lake City, Utah
Meet at 250 S 1300 E in Salt Lake City between the Market Street Broiler and Einsteins Bagels (see map at

"Instead pouring some out for our homie Sheldon Brown we’re going to travel up City Creek Canyon this Thursday night for our homie Sheldon Brown. Leaving Cyclesmith at 6:30pm. Join us for an hour or two of some good spirited, Sheldon Brown inspired, fat tire fun. It shall be a rolling memorial for a true genius of all things cycling.

"Bring some lights, warm clothing, and prepare for some fun!

"See you there~Big John"

Anonymous said...

Reno Nevada checking in we have one in works start end at the fort details coming ASAP

Anonymous said...

Austin, TX Sheldon Brown Memorial Ride

The ride is scheduled for Sunday at 4pm, meeting on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge.

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows about a memorial ride out on Long Island, NY let me know. I also might be willing to lead one.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. I thought it would be nice for anyone participating in one of the memorial rides to take some photos and send them to the family.

ifny said...

that's a lovely idea! i'll take pictures of the vancouver one.

there was some talk of setting up a flickr group photo pool so that everyone can upload photos; if anyone has time to do this please let me know.

Chris_T said...

A memorial service will be held at 1:30 p.m. March 2, at the First Unitarian Society in Newton, in West Newton.

Anonymous said...

NYC ride is organized! to honor all that Sheldon Brown did- sharing his passion and knowledge- many of us owe our bikes to him in some way.

Meet at North entrance of Prospect Park in Brooklyn (across from the arch) on Sunday, Feb. 10 at Noon to ride to Coney Island and back via the bike path. Grab your bike, or dust off the one you save for special events and join us...

Anonymous said...

Asheville, NC will be holding a ride on 2/16. All are welcome, please E-Mail at for details.

Anonymous said...

regarding the NYC ride: please email for more info/questions/feedback

Kent Peterson said...

Here's some discussion from the Touring List:

From: "Kent Peterson"
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 07:53:22 -0800
Subject: Re: Memorial ride for Sheldon How about 1 April

Andrejs Ozolins wrote:

> My suggestion would be to dedicate our April 1 rides to Sheldon's
> memory and spirit. And I'd urge it to be on that date regardless of
> the day of the week. It seems even more appropriate to show up to work
> on a bike in memory of Sheldon.

John Gorentz added:

> And on that day we could all wear plastic eagles on our helmets to
> signify what it is that we're doing. It might give us an opportunity
> to explain things to other people.

> There's no reason it would have to be the exact same plastic bird that
> Sheldon wore. Be creative -- like Sheldon was.

Kent Peterson also adds:

A couple of thoughts. We are doing this in Seattle. This year April 1st
is a Tuesday. Folks will gather at the Seattle Bikestation at 6:00 PM
and then do a celebratory ride down to Bike Works in Columbia City. Bike
Works will be having one of their regular work parties that evening
where folks work on refurbing and repairing bikes for low income kids.

I've been looking around for a source of eagles for helmets. As near as
I can tell, these guys:

have the same model eagle that graced Sheldon's helmet.

And while I appreciate the sentiments of those who wish to honor
Sheldon's memory by doing an MS ride, I'm not sure that is the tribute
Sheldon would have wished. See his writing here:

I'm looking forward to seeing hundreds of cyclists around the globe
riding in celebration of Sheldon's life and work.

Kent "my helmet may have a turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA

Anonymous said...

Santa Cruz, CA Memorial Ride.

Friday, February 15, at 6 pm

We plan on meeting at the UCSC Bike Co-op at 6, and riding down to the clock tower at 6:30 where anyone else who wants to ride with us can join.

Try to wear a black armband, and we'll pour out some 40's for Sheldon...

Anonymous said...

Sheldon was hero to me! He is sorely missed! I have made tribute stickers so everyone can ride with Sheldon always! The response has been overwhelming for these free stickers!!! its great to see how many people loved and respected him!

Sheldon Brown thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

Anonymous said...

Ride from Harris Cyclery
March 2nd, 10:45 AM
See Harris Cyclery for details.

Anonymous said...

Daejeon, South Korea

April 5, 8am. 80km ride around Gyeryeongsan Mountain. Leaves from Chungnam University Main Gate. Follow the event here:

nollij said...

Fairfax, C.A,
Sheldon Brown Memorial Ride

Sunday March 30th @ 3:00pm
Meet in the parking lot in front of the Java Hut, across the street from the Iron Springs Brewery. Look for the "Sheldon Brown Memorial Ride" sign.

Ride route at

nollij said...

Argh.. the URL for the Fairfax CA ride route got truncated. Here it is AGAIN!

bicycler1951 said...

Salem OR, April 1, 2008 @ 6 PM 10 mile ride from Madrona & Fairview Industrial Dr SE. Official Salem Bicycle Club Ride.

nollij said...

I'm planning on doing a Sheldon Brown Memorial Ride on July 14th at 5:30pm. The route map is here:

Look for the "Sheldon Brown Memorial Ride" sign.