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Sheldon Brown 1944 - 2008

Posted by chdot on February 4, 2008

Sheldon Brown was best known, throughout the world, for his web site - Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Technical Info. Or just Sheldon Brown.

On this he shared his genuinely encyclopedic knowledge of cycling, bikes, components - and their use.

Facts and considered (and valuable) opinions were conveyed with wit and style. For instance - “Everything You Wanted to Know About Shifting Your Bicycle’s Gears, But Were Afraid to Ask…” under the heading Articles For New Cyclists by Sheldon “Been There” Brown.

However much (or little) you think you know about bikes you will be educated and entertained by his site. But it’s not just bikes, he was writing about his life on-line (my journal), long before the word blog was invented. “While I’m mainly writing this for the benefit of my kids, I’m leaving it public for anybody who cares.” Unlike many bloggers, what he has to say is worth reading.

His last entry was yesterday. It began: “I’ve finally made up my mind, I’ll be voting for Obama in the primary on Tuesday.”

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