his favourite colour


Anonymous said...

Many of us have written Sheldon to clear up questions or read his website inside out to educate ourselves, find cycling facts or technical info. Through the years I've grown to appreciate, respect and rely on his particular spin on bike lore and truthful down home humor on the subject. My beginnings would not have continued on my bike if it were not for Sheldon's answers to my novice and girlie questions. Thank you.
May all cyclists pass on his wisdom to others new to the sport. Despite our blues his passion was bright like his favorite color red. Peace to you, your family and Igor.
Bernadette (blopes25@yahoo.com)

Anonymous said...

I never had correspondence with the man and though I'm new to fixed riding, through all my searches, the name "Sheldon Brown" came up almost everywhere. I feel that a community has lost an important and pivotal figure and a family has lost their father, I'm sorry I never had the opportunity to correspond with him and my condolences and my heart to all that knew and loved him.

George Stephens said...

I have used Sheldon's knowledge as a reference to build numerous amazing bicycles. I never knew him, but I know that he will forever be loved. His passion for most everything with a sprocket and a chain will benefit this planet long after his memory. Thank you Sheldon, and thank you to those who helped him and loved him.