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Before moving on to less important matters, I’d like to acknowledge the passing on Monday of Sheldon Brown, one of the giants of bicycle maintenance, technology and general bicycle mechanical understanding.

He will be sorely missed, particularly for those seeking simple, straightforward answers to a vast array of bicycle-related questions. His white bearded visage with eagle-adorned helmet has long been the online face of Harris Cyclery in West Newton, Massachusetts.

A frequent presence on, Sheldon often shared his enthusiasm for all things three speed and reminded us all of the beauty and simplicity of a bicycle without the latest number of speeds and carbon doodads. The acronym “AASHTA” (As Always, Sheldon Has The Answer) must sadly finally be retired.

Sheldon died at age 63 of a heart attack, but he had struggled with his health of late. Seven months ago, he was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis, which took away his ability to ride a bike, after which he had switched to riding a recumbent trike. May you roll forever on two wheels, Sheldon.

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Anonymous said...

Sheldon Brown ,, You Will be Sadly Missed by Your Bike Buddies , Friends and Family ,,
You were Trully Super Knowledgeable on Bycicles,, Especially the Raleigh's,, You have Left behind a Real Legacy of Your Intelligence on Bicycles,,
Not to mention Mountains of Information for Others to Use,,
Thank You Sheldon Brown ,,
Keep On Biking ,,
Sincerely ,, Eddie Lawrence ,